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The husband of Sandra Iheuwa has said that you should count yourself lucky if you’re able to withdraw from a bad relationship or marriage because money can’t buy happiness.

Steve Thompson sharing his thought about Val’s day celebration and how some were so emotional yesterday because they couldn’t enjoy it like others tried comforting them by saying they are better off being single than being with the wrong person.

According to him, a lot of people were so so emotional yesterday but the truth is they are better off staying single than to be with the wrong person saying you’re enough for you and need not bother about not having anyone in your life.

He then added that if you ever experience a bad relationship or marriage and you safely withdraw from it, you are lucky because some people didn’t and couldn’t make it out rather they died while trying to, saying money can not buy happiness so stay safe.

This post from Steve Thompson talking about bad marriage after rumors of having issues with his wife Sandra Iheuwa raise the question of whether he’s planning to withdraw from it safely or he’s just setting an example.

A lot of people were so so emotional yesterday 🥺 truth is , you better stay single than be with a wrong person , you are enough for you !!!

If you ever experienced bad relationship or marriage and safely withdraw from it , you are Lucky!!!!

Some people didn’t /couldn’t make it out , they died while trying to try 😊

Money can not buy Hapiness, stay safe

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