A white man who had probably been scammed by an internet fraudster before learned his lesson and did not want to repeat the same mistake before his encounter with another alleged internet fraudster.

The unidentified scammer was allegedly trying to use black magic or charms that are locally referred to as ‘juju’ on the white man so as to spiritually control his mind to do whatever he asks for but the white man was fast enough to identify and notice his tricks and he rather beat him to it.

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The white man assured him that, whatever customary means the fraudster will adopt won’t make him succumb to those tricks, and asserted advised him not to stress himself as he would get him another client.

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A Nigerian mother who is concerned about the wellbeing and safety of her daughter had to use very radical means to send a message to her as she highlights the risks involved in forming associations with yahoo boys.

In the wake of surging cases of ritual murders especially from young men in Nigeria where young women are mutilated for money, this unidentified mother does not want her daughter to fall victim to the evil caprices of such people and as such warned her daughter to stay away from yahoo boys and guys who engage in fraudulent activities to make money.

A video captures the mother wielding a cutlass whilst warning her daughter and according to her, it was necessary to the message she was sending to her daughter so she listens.

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By Savage