Singer Paul Okoye, Rudeboy has wondered why successful rich women don’t marry or date poor guys just as rich men marry women without anything.

Rudeboy, Paul Okoye in a post on his InstaStory asked the question that has been on the mind of most guys wondering why women who are successful and rich do not want to marry guys who are poor or have nothing like men do.

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According to him, a successful rich woman doesn’t want to marry or date a poor guy who has nothing but then when a successful rich guy dates or marries a poor girl they will start saying he’s such a sweet guy for coming down to marry her.

He then advised men to hustle and make their own money instead of waiting for a rich woman to come and marry them or waiting to hear she’s such a sweet girl as no one send them to become men in the first place.

Being a man doesn’t mean that a rich woman can’t marry you but mostly some of the guys are too proud or of the view that the women won’t respect them because they’re richer than them hence avoid them mostly if they approach.

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By Savage