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This is becoming too much for us and we all need to fight against this evil act

It’s no longer funny as our youth, even those that are still under their parent umbrella desperate to make money.

Should we call this peer pressure or what? Are these teenagers been oppressed by people of their ages or what?

What could prompt them so badly to cut off a fellow being head for money?

The girl was even said to be a girlfriend to one of them.

Who is the herbalist that gave them the order to use a human being head for money?

See their faces below;

CLICK HERE to read the full gist of why and how they killed the poor girl.

No pity again, I think it’s high time to make the law to cover the bad deed of under 18s. Only one of them is said to be 20 years of age, the other two are 17 and 18 respectively.

Without wasting much time;

What Should Be The Deserving Punishment For These Teenagers That Beheaded Their Girlfriend For Ritual?

By Savage