Three teens claimed they were looking for a place to learn internet fraud, often known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo,’ in Edo State, according to a video circulating on social media.


In the viral video, a guy who has yet to be identified can be heard questioning three boys aged 14 to 15 after spotting them outside a fence on his property.

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When asked where they were heading, the stranded boys, who were carrying bags containing their clothes and personal stuff, replied: “We wan come hustle.”

Speaking on the type of hustle they want, they said; “Yahoo hustle…” seemingly surprised by their response, to see if they truly wish to study internet fraud.

“Yes…but not Yahoo +,” they responded, reiterating their previous allegation.

Yahoo plus is a type of cybercrime in which criminals use traditional charms and supernatural powers to defraud their victims.

When asked why they took to the streets in search of where to learn cybercrime, they said: “As they don come pursue us, na him we com dey find where we go stay.

“Na the person we dey stay with pursue us. We no dey get rest of mind for house, any small thing wey we do, they will start cursing us. They eventually chased us away. So, we come dey find where we go do Yahoo.”

Watch video below;

See some of the reactions evoked from netizens;

Dave.mensah wrote; I remember 2020 that I and my colleagues went to Edo state. We saw boys of the same age in the same hotels where we stayed. They were even with girls of their age. The country is in real mess

Ikpa iko wrote; When parents will have a business,and government will end up destroying their place of sale or putting heavy revenue on them ,at the end they ask the kids to drop out and learn a trade,and from there kids will find another means to survive … Make God help

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