A Nigerian preacher has warned about some steps couples, and side chicks should employ to evade sin as the day of Love, Valentine’s day approaches.

According to the preacher, Val’s day is actually is a season of many ungodly activities and it will be sin for married couples or singles to do certain things.

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She stated that it will be a sin for a married man to go out with another lady and leave his wife at home. She advised that married men should go out with their wives and their side chicks, likewise married women.

Speaking of the young girls who will be looking at going out with other people’s husbands, they shouldn’t think about it because it’s a sin. However, if they ever want to embark on anything like that, they should ask their sugar daddies to bring their wives along.

This is how all Valentine’s day outing should be done otherwise one will face the punishment for sin.

The preacher said in a video that is making rounds online.


In other news, Nigerian author Reno Omokri has advised that parents should be treated with love and tenderness whether they did the same to their children or not.

He added that they should enjoy frequent visits and celebrations on their birthday just like they did for their children. He warned the children shouldn’t concentrate solely on themselves and the new family they create and forget about their parents.

Taking to the microblogging platform, he wrote;

Dear children,

When parents age, treat them with the love and tenderness they treated you. Visit them as often as they visited you while you were at school. Celebrate their birthdays as often as they did yours. Don’t marry and focus on your family and forget them!

However, he returned to give more details about the kinds of parents who deserve this kind of treatment when one Emmanuel affirmed what he stated but subjected it to only responsible parents. Reno stated that as directed by God, it’s the duty of children to honor their parents fairly whether they treated them badly or not.

Reno replied as seen below;

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