Peter Okoye of Psquare has blown hot after a follower asked him what he has done with his money to develop Nigeria after comparing it to Dubai.

Peter Okoye visited Dubai recently and he compared how developed Dubai is to Nigeria saying any time he enters Dubai instead of enjoying he gets angry for his country Nigeria asking if not the same 1960 they both got independence wondering why the government is denying them good things.

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A follower reacting to that asked Peter Okoye to leave election and politics out of the situation saying they have rich men and women that can change the country asking him what he has done with his money to develop their country.

This got Peter Okoye angry that he went hard on the follower asking if he’s talking about the money his (the follower) father gave him saying he must be a joker to be asking him what he has done with his money.

Adding that politics and wealth are 2 different things here as a rich man can only help so many but with the government and politics, you can affect a lot so he should stop being a coward and get some sense.

Just as Peter Okoye said, the individual can only do a little in building the country but the government can do more and it’s their responsibility which is why they are given the mandate to serve but unfortunately some African leaders don’t understand that.

screenshot below;

By Savage