Famous Nigerian author Reno Omokri has left yet another powerful nugget for men.

This is one of his nuggets connected to the path of getting married. He believes women are naturally born with a desire not to go through any kind of suffering. In fact, they don’t want to suffer after marrying.

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In most cases, they cast their minds to the future where they have deep thoughts about their children and that doesn’t make them a gold digger.

According to the former Presidential aide, men shouldn’t marry if all they’ve got to face marriage is love. He added that money should be the accompaniment to love before any marriage can suffice.

Taking to Twitter, Reno wrote;

Dear men, No woman wants to marry to suffer. It does not make her a gold digger. God put that desire in her. She is not just thinking about herself. She is thinking about the children. If you’ve nothing but love, don’t marry. Wait until you can add money to love!

See how some Twitter users reacted to his assertion. Ghgossip culled some reactions below;

Ayobamidele praise wrote; Sometimes I feel the flow in your write up but sometimes I feel somehow… How will you say this kind of thing… Some impatient fool will just misnterprete you… This write up is not the message of the day… People are going through a lot please don’t instigate them

Princess wrote; Marrying when u have little or no money even as a woman should nt be accepted, how would a full grown woman walk into a Man’s house with her two left leg in the name of marriage just to stay and be eating and pressing phone Woman facepalmingWoman facepalming

Adekola wrote: This type of talks make men do yahoo and rituals. Who tell u say poor man today no fit be rich man tomorrow. Even some man will only be rich wen dey marry. Av seen poor men get marry n futunes befell dem. Marriage should not be by money,but love and respect

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