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Despite the murder of 12-year-old Sylvester Oromoni, Nigerian actress Funke Akindele has expressed worry about kids enrolled at Dowen College.

The school board chairman and members resigned on Friday, according to the DAILY POST, weeks after the police cleared five students in connection with Oromoni’s death.

The school stated that they are examining some of their policies in light of the regrettable situation to guarantee better oversight functions inside the school.

On her Instagram account, Akindele reacted to the news by asking if parents of students at the school have removed their children.

With a photo of Dowen College in the background, the award-winning actress expressed her concern for youngsters in boarding schools around the country, where a lot of things go on.

Her post read: “I hope all parents have withdrawn their children from the school.

“ I’m so worried for children in boarding schools. A lot goes on there.”

In other news, a video circulating on social media capturing the moment a young boy was seen hauling four other children on a bike has elicited mixed emotions.

In the footage, an underage youngster is seen riding his bike on a federal highway despite not being a licensed rider.

The road user who recorded the video bemoaned the youngsters’ ages and the danger they appear to be in.

“In as much as it’s risky, abeg no distract them with your videoing before the kids will be injured,” a concerned social media user wrote.