A Nigerian man identified on Twitter as @Freezle has bewailed the unfair treatment civilians in the country are subjected to by military officers.

Sharing his experience, the embittered man said the military officers forcefully cut his hair at a checkpoint in Kaduna after they saw his hairstyle during his journey from Kaduna to Jos with his friends.

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He quizzed if there are still rights in Nigeria.

I have always been a patriotic nigerian in speech and in action. But today I experienced the most embarrassing and humiliating thing in my life. I have heard this happen to people but it became real to me today. I, @pdshugar & @Kuturanki where coming to Jos from #kaduna, we’ve passed serval checking points but on arriving a checkpoint at “KURMI IDON” a military man asked us all to come down, he told all my friends to take off their caps and I was the only one with much hair. so he insulted me and called me Irresponsible because I was not on low cut.

Comparing me with my friends. He went further to say I should go to a nearby barbing saloon to cut my hair if not he won’t let us go, which I wasn’t ready to do. So he asked his other colleague to cut my hair with scissors, I pulled back, immediately, the other military guy cocked his gun to shoot me, and the other attempted to hit me with the head of his rifle. so i stood and the guy put the scissors  into my hair.”

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